Heineken on-trade parties 2017

Heineken Stories

Slovak campaign launch 2017.

Integrated campaign for Heineken Stories global communiciation across digital, using influencers and their social media fan pages with strong event platform and execution.

Assignement was little weird: direct communication of the 4 Heineken ingredients and the proces of maturing teased online and direct execution on the party.

We developed original party contept Heineken Challenge, based on one special party moment, where visitors had an opportunity to experience Heineken.

Influencers - Bongoman Elliz, Tamira DJane, Milan Lieskovský


We created:

  • online content based on influencers, HEI product and product character (4 ingredients, story about 'There is more behind the star’)
  • we teased original party concept by the video invitation, cinemagraphs, boomerang videos like party reminders and created easy mechanic of cooperation with TG
Video invitation for original party concept - Heineken Challenge
Tamira DJane Cinemagraph

Strong event connection

Heineken Challenge get started with the STOP of moving visitors during 28 seconds  like a symbol of 28 days of maturing process. Visitors can see and feel 4 beer ingredients transformed to 4 party elements:

  • Bongoman Elizz :  water drum show like a main ingredient - water
  • Laser wave like a barley ingredient when moving in the wind
  • Confetti like a hops fall
  • CO steam like A-Yeast beer actvity

Party atmopshere was built on visual decorations also - projections, plasma screens and 4 ingredients message showcased by the POI dancers.


We learned people how to use campaing claim in hashtag - 'There’s more behind the star' in slovak translation #zahviezdousaukryvaviac - with party acitvity Hashtag printer.

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