Gambrinus Excelent campaign

Gambrinus Excelent

An integrated campaign of the new product launch, online and BTL communication.


  • strategy setup of the new product launch for the market
  • identity and new brand character creation
  • website development and administration, other channels and social media administration
  • branded furniture and assets production
  • design and proposal of a club as the brand's flagship in Bratislava 
  • BTL communication - Excelent party crew

Campaign Insight

Product Insight

The product uniqueness lays in its production - high fermentation, special caramel malt, triple hopping, brewed in Pilsen, in a brewery with great tradition, under the supervision of the brewmaster. He oversees the unique brewing procedure which he developed. On the first sight, Excelent is original with its unusual bottle.

Consumer Insight

Young men, aged 18-29 years like beer, but they don’t have the feeling they look cool while drinking it. Beer brands communicate with primary focus on the older segment, and it does not talk with language relevant for the younger generation. For them other alcohol cathegories are more attractive. 


Excelent beer is focused on the people who live their lives otherwise. They are anti-mainstream and they are not afraid to show it. Therefore we aimed the communication in these communities, by creating new possibilities for them. There are real people behind everything, and they create real values for the consumers.   

Everything has to be created #byoneself otherwise it has no meaning.


Visual identity

Key visuals

Launch event

As a launch event of this premium beer brand, we decided to throw a closed party combined with bootleg video shooting. For the new hit from brand ambassadors - Billy Barman band. Premises of the event were unusual, it was held in the German Rowing club. 

Brand ambassadors

From the people who do things their own way, we created the brand ambassadors. Subsequently, we involved them in the event creation and brand communication. This includes people like Brano Vincze, Yanco Kral, Billy Barman, JR, Basa Stevulova, Juro Kucharek, Miso Rohac, Lubka Martincova, SMGO Boys and Juraj Podmanicky.


We provided complete online communication for the Excelent brand, from creating the product web page, creative HUB, for ambassadors presentation, to the management of the social media.


RE:FRESH club, Bratislava

Visibility on the events

Manufactured branded furniture
Branding elements

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