Accenture clients events

Accenture VIP tastings

Premium events tradition in Slovakia and Czechia.

The Accenture premium events tradition started with the aim to surprise their international guests, who have seen, tasted and heard everything. At the same time it serves as an occasion for networking between Accenture, their clients and VIP guests.

Since 2003 we created the tradition of the premium tastings in Slovakia and since 2015 we started to write this tradition also in Czechia. Foreign world-famous experts introduce the spirits, tastes and their combination. For each event there is a creative invitation, unique venue and themed gift. Accenture always brings the “créme de la créme."

Memorable events selection

2011 Tasting of luxury waters with Sven Miachael

2012 How does Whisky, Cherry and Port wine relate? Jurgen Deibel unvailed whisky from casks after Porto...

2013 Churrasco and Cachaca conducted by world-famous el gaucho Almiro da Fonseca

2014 World Beerly Known - luxury and shocking world beers introduced by Andrew Barley

2015 Fusion kitchen the Michelin cooks way, where guests tasted whiskey in caviar consistency

2016 Culinary Street food tasting in “fine dining” style

2017 In Bloom - tasting of various kinds made from flowers in connection with tasting of fusion kitchen made of various flowers

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