Absolut Facet launch

Absolut Facet

Product launch of the new limited edition of Absolut.


  • integrating global idea and social media strategy of the Absolut limited edition product launch to slovak market uder the claim ‘Najlepšie noci si nenaplánuješ'
  • the new limited edition is quite mysterious, surprising, ready to explore the night because you never know what happened during the night
  • strong event connection - ON Trade parties with social media base (cooperation with Triad)


Absolut Facet is unpredictable. Best thing happened when you not schedule. Best nights are the nights when you feel something special in the air and you don’t know what is it. But you feel it will be memorable.

We create extra ordinary concept of the secret parties in 3 the biggest slovak cities. Entry by invitation only. People didn’t know the party place, time of start, program.. Because ‘Best things happened out of the blue’ /global campaign claim in slovak translation ’Najlepšie noci si nenaplánuješ'/


We choose 3 popular Slovak DJ’s like a party hosts and project abmasadors.

Easy mechanics of engageing TG generated great buzz with secret party idea through Absolut FB fan page and ambasadors fan pages. We choose party guest fairly because everybody wants to be on secret party but entry was limited.

Guest in secret FB group received informations about party step by step in the riddles from host- it generated spontageus interest and passion for the party.

Secret parties

Three secret parties - three hosts - three cities - three extraordinary places - CO shelter in Bratislava, historical building of New Synagogue -  winter chapel in Žilina and former boiler room Kotolňa in Košice.

Parties were full of the program moments and activities visitors can’t plan. 

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